Things that children say- updated weekly.

  •                            -Our director was away for a days and a 6 year old was wondering. “when the director is gone who is the Head Mistress?” Age 6

-If the plural of octopus is octopi

And the plural of goose is geese

Is the plural of deer

die?     Age 7

– Me, jokingly- “anyone who drops too much play dough on the floor has to eat it with hot sauce.”

The response- “um, Todd ins’t that kind of racist?”   Age 8 and 42

-“ I actually feel like myself today” Age 8

“My dad’s job is to fart and fix things around the house.” Age 4

-While having difficulty reading a book, ” I can’t read, don’t you know I have sexleptia.” Age 6

A Poem by a Boy- age 7

Be creative in life.

Everyday is sunny.

Night is dark.

“My aunt is sort of fat.  Oh wait that is not nice to say.  My Aunt has a real big belly.” Age 8

-I asked a boy, “So have you decided on a Halloween costume for this year?”                   His reply. “Well, I think I am going to be that guy that wears a black cape and has that large pitch fork thing, but I can’t remember his name.  Oh, I remember.  I am going to be the Grimm Reefer.”  Age 6

“Todd, John has a tic-tac up his nose and he can’t get it out!”  I looked up there but couldn’t see anything but he said that it felt like it was up there.  His mom took him to the hospital to let the doctor look up his nose.  Sure enough there was a tic-tac up there.  The doctor easily removed the stuck candy from the boys nose.  John, looked at the tic-tac and said, “well the orange never got stuck up there before.”