Work Play

Years ago I started this blog post as a simple way to record my history, an online journal chronicling my teaching career- all parts of it, even memories from my earliest days working with children. I kept up for a while but I eventually lost steam and the weekly blog post took a back seat. In the last two months I have run into folks I haven’t  seen in years, one of their questions was how come I stopped writing my blog? 

Now I will try again. I often write letters home and emails to parents. They are thoughtful and I  think about what I am writing. That became part of my issue with the weekly blog. I began to weigh the content, this time around I am going to try to write for myself and share it without worrying about the audience.

Many, many things about me and my life have changed since I started my teaching journey and it has been a journey. I didn’t simply find a position, apply and get hired. I surely took the path less traveled. I have experienced success followed by utter failure and a momentous collapse which lead to taking a break from teaching all together. Eventually I found my way back to working with children, it is in my bones, I am good at it, it comes naturally to me and most of the time, it doesn’t feel like “work”.   

I have been thinking about the word Work and the word Play. Are they opposites?  As I usually do I have been thinking about these words and how they relate to children. Lately I have been spending A LOT of time with our two boys and I find myself getting frustrated with them while we are outside. It baffles me sometimes. We are a lucky family, we have a yard, trees to climb, places to ride bikes,  it is safe and yet I often have to urge the boys to “just play outside!” Sometimes I feel like it is Work getting them to Play outside and then I realized. Children need to be taught how to play. Let that sink in. Do you agree? Children need to practice playing outside. Maybe too much freedom has its own challenges? Since we currently have a lot of family time, maybe more than we want but.. If you can, try adding a little structure into Outside Time. Join in, wrestle, play chase, be silly, it is good for the soul and will help you and your children.