go find them.

                     to be able to know a place in the woods so closely, I can tell when branches are out of place, recognize where gusty winds have left their trail.  Notice where leaves are overturned or out of place. To sit quietly enough to hear a dangling page from a paper birch skim it’s trunk. To hear the “foof,foof,foof” of crows wings against its body a chipmunk sound like a giant building a fort.

                                      This is a gift–a reminder.    thank you

If you look closely, you can see me in the trees.

Our world is faced paced and electric. The daily news clips are scary- I worry for my children both in school and my own. But, but, BUT,   beyond our electric lives there are gifts that I overlook everyday.  THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT SURROUND ME/US .  Go find them.



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